Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Join the Dorchester Boycott

Kindle Kandy is a new site, and our mission is to bring information of value to Kindle owners and readers who use Kindle apps.  We plan to be about sharing titles and links to them so readers can find inexpensive and free reads that are GOOD, not just cheap or free.

You will rarely see anything other than fun, helpful information or links here.

Today is an exception. Because we love and support authors, KK is joining the boycott of Dorchester publishing, which has been treating authors abysmally for quite some time.  Today there were further developments at the publisher.

Brian Keene's Summation includes his own experiences with Dorchester, and he had a front seat for much of it.

We ask our fans, followers, and friends to boycott Dorchester in a show of support for unpaid writers, to whom we owe so much as avid readers.


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